Food, Halloween and Christmas

Hello again!

Once again, I’m writing from the state of mind of procrastination. I finally am slowly getting my life by rewriting my cover letter and got it checked and stamped for my class so go me!

Anyways, so a few things happened this weekend that would be great to remember if this website stays forever. I woke my butt up at the crack of down Sunday morning to meet at my sister’s apartment just so we can drive to San Diego to get brunch. I mean priorities, right?

We go to this cute place called Crush. If you’re in the Pacific Beach/San Diego area, go to Crush because it’s one of those places where you have to post on Instagram. Even though it is picture worthy, was the food worth it. Definitely. So they have this thing called Daddycakes and its basically a pancake taco with scrambled eggs mixed with bacon and sausage. BACON AND SAUSAGE!! It was served with maple syrup on the side and it was the best thing that I could have eaten considering it was 11am and we haven’t eaten at that point.

We had to cut our brunch just a tad short only because I had to get back home in time to get to work on time.

Halloween was great, I did nothing because Saturday was my Halloween and let’s just say it was great.

If you didn’t know, It’s November 1st. So it’s basically holiday season. It’s my time to shine. Thanks for reading.


Resumes and Cover Letters and Jobs, HIRE ME! (Oh my!)


Welcome to another post of me just talking about something because I’m currently trying to figure out what to write with the important things that have to be done.

It’s spring internship application season and let me tell you, it’s the most stressful thing in the entire world. It’s also the will I or won’t I graduate in the spring, that worries me the most.

See, classes are easy to take. As long as I pass them then I know I’ll graduate. The only thing stopping is my internship class. The required class that will literally make or break me. i’m currently trying to finish up my cover letter and get it approved so I can send them to potential employers. But why is it so difficult to write that you’re a perfect fit for a company when it’s difficult to even know where to begin.

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve done so many great things and that I’m super amazing or anything. But why is it such a pain to write. If it only came down to just in-person interviews then I would most definitely nail it. It’s so much easier telling people than writing. To think this is coming from a girl who spent her four years in college studying broadcast journalism.

I’m barely on my second paragraph of this cover letter and let’s just hope I’ll be able to land an internship for spring or even summer. I would definitely be okay with a summer internship too.

This probably doesn’t even make sense. But thanks for reading, Until next time.


Presidential Debates and Clowns

So I’m over here trying to do my homework that’s due at midnight and I haven’t seen the debates because I’m pretty much over it.

But I am loving the commentary that is happening on my both my Twitter and Facebook feed. All I know is that if Pizza was running for president, I would vote for pizza.

Also, speaking of Facebook feeds, I know the whole clown thing has been going on and let me tell you, there is a Facebook page event that says that they are coming to my campus sometime this week and I’m not about that live like I don’t even know why it’s even a thing.

Honestly, I hope this is just for October and once November 1st hits I would rather have the attack of Turkeys rather than clowns.

One of the reasons why I hate Halloween. I’ve hated the holiday since I was little and I still hate it now. Let’s just bring in the Holiday cheer and festivities.

Have a good night. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

*note: I gave in and just started tuning into the debates. My opinion still stands. #PizzaforPresident

Hello, It’s Me

Lol. It’s me. I’m back again.

I’m over here trying to be independent but then the idea gets me really freaked out and it scares the poop out of me.

While I’m over here trying to figure out what to do with my life, I might be heading in the right direction.

Hopefully, my personality will ace itself and the owner of her company will like me tomorrow.

Once again. Being an adult is a no-go on my part. No one WARNED ME OF THIS! HOW DARE YOU!


It’s been a Hot Second

Laughing at my last couple posts at how deep I was trying to get on this blog. I’m over that. Also, I realized it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted on this, even though no one reads this.

Anyways, it’s like Week 5 or 6 or a number into the Fall semester and it’s my final year. Let me tell you, I may seem like this calm, cool, and funny person on the outside but on the inside I’m shitting bricks. You would think that even taking a gap year before going back to school would have me sort prepared but I’m not prepared for this so-called “adult world.”

But here’s a quick recap on what’s happened from the last post.

I definitely had a little “treat myself” type of year.

I expanded my boundaries and entered the Tinder world of “dating.”

I learned that fuckboys will always be fuckboys no matter how much you lie to yourself even though you two were never in a relationship.

I also learned to never bring them back to the picture when they text you with a “hey” and try to claim you as your property even though, once again, we were never together.

My lease ended at the end of July and I lost tons of hair from this already thick head of mine because trying to find a 3 bedroom apartment on a budget of 2,000 dollars in Orange County. I’m currently laughing on how much stress I was under the beginning of summer.

We settled for a 2 bedroom apartment down the street from school literally the week we’re supposed to move out. Bless the manager from my roommate’s apartment for letting him cancel his 30 day notice.

So basically I had my last bit of fun, the first two weeks and a half before school started.

Had my 22nd birthday weekend which was definitely an unforgettable moment.

Now, we’re here at this point where school is going great, officially cut off that guy in my life and just living life. Still internally freaking out about after college and hopefully landing a spring internship.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you’ll see another post or maybe it’ll be months from now. We’ll see. It’s my life motto. Cheers.




The Challenge

Basically growing up, I’ve always struggled with my weight, I was either too fat by my doctor or too skinny (by my mom). I never really knew where I was supposed to be in weight-wise and I’ve just always considered myself “fat.” I remember at one point in my life, I felt “accomplished” when I started seeing my collar bones. Like how did I even think that was normal at the time.

Anyways, yesterday (Monday) my roommate Angelli and I have started this get-fit challenge by doing Insanity. Let me tell it kicked my butt but needless to say, I already mentally feel the improvements, I only had about 5 hours of sleep last night but I was able to wake up to my alarms with no problem at all but the main struggle was actually getting up because it a tad bit on the chilly side.

I have class all day today until 9:45pm but Angelli and I are going for day 2 tonight, we first set out on having two days off but we feel somewhat proud of ourselves and decided to go for it.

What defines me

This might be normal for tons of people but I’m honestly not sure “what defines me.”

When professors ask questions on things about myself, I never have an answer for them. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and I’m still not sure what I like or dislike. I don’t usually have “favorite” anythings and sometimes I think something is completely wrong with me because I don’t wholeheartedly “like” something.

I mean the reason, at one point, I liked the color green was because my old celebrity crush liked the color green. Up to this day, I pretend to say i like the color green whenever someone asks me but I feel myself slowly fading away from saying that because I now know I don’t like that color which I believe is a great stepping stone.

I mean I’m 21, as I’m currently posting this, people might say that I’m still too young to have my whole self “defined.” But I look at other people my age and they have their whole life already set out and they know exactly what they want.

I mean, yes, I do like tons of things but I can’t choose. I’m currently in the process of getting matching tattoos with my sister. Granted I’ve never had a tattoo and just picking something that will permanently be on me forever doesn’t scare me but the fact that I have to choose something I wholeheartedly love and know that it won’t go away is really difficult.

I like to think of myself as a simple person. I don’t like all of the flashy accessories. I like things that are subtle and don’t give too much attention. But that’s basically the whole of what I like and don’t like. When it comes to a favorite object or favorite movie, that’s when you won’t get a defined answer and it’ll most likely be an answer that I just came up with because it was something that I remembered.

Hopefully one day, when I’m living in a London flat, I’m doing what I love (which is yet to be undefined because I want to do all of the things that comes with media) and getting ready to take the next plane out to go to an important entertainment event that they need to cover. Or promoting my own clothing line where it’s tailored for people like me where it’s for the simple, not so skinny girl who just wants to feel good about herself. But I mean hey, we’ll see right?

Hi my name is Karen, and welcome to my world, where it’s indecisive and just winging it at this point by working hard to get to wherever I want to be.  Also, I pretend to be funny too but that’ll come later.