Why is Dating So Hard

Coming from the perspective of an introverted/extrovert, dating is the hardest thing to do. I just want to be able to fast forward to the relationship part and be able to get to know the person while growing with them and being each other’s support system.

Granted dating is pretty fun because sometimes there are boys who are super cute and sometimes I wonder that a cute like that is dating or seeing a girl who isn’t the first choice. Which is basically how I’ve grown up, not being the first choice and being second or third at least.

Im not saying I have low self-esteem or confidence but the ratio of having the low confidence far exceeds the days where I’m feeling great about myself.

As much, as U’m impatient though to get to that next part of my life, I guess I just have to weed out through all the dumb guys before finding the one that wants to be with me.

Like I’m pretty funny, I make myself laugh, and if that’s not enough I don’t know what is. haha.

As for my dating life it’s there. I’m actually going on a date sometime this week, which I’m really excited about, even though it’s right after work.

Maybe I might tell the story of how it goes. In the meantime, thanks for reading.


Let’s take a second

Can we just take a brief moment to talk about the things boys are willing to say just to get you to come over to their place.

So we’ll take a guy I was talking to a while back. First of all, he didn’t text me from my actual number that he clearly had but DM’ed me from INSTAGRAM! If that wasn’t  F***Boy material or a quality then I don’t know what is. But he lives with his parents and I was “on my way to work” (really I was just at home because it was 9am) and he DM’s me saying to come over. I told him I couldn’t because “I was driving to work.” He had the audacity to keep messaging me to either call out or do anything that required me basically just going over to his place.

Granted, this probably isn’t a groundbreaking story and most likely almost every girl has gone through this, but I just find it really funny. Some boys are willing to do anything just to get what they want and when the roles are reversed, it’s crickets coming from their end.

Like boy, I’m trying to be independent over here, hustling with 3 jobs and trying to stay awake on a normal day. Begging will not help, suggesting that you’ll come over to my place won’t help either. Just stop being annoying and admit defeat, my no will not turn to a yes because once again it is 9am and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

In other news, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July earlier this week! I’m currently drinking coffee and trying to figure out all the other things in my life because I’m making moves.

Thanks for reading!