Happy Saturday!

Hey everyone! I’m back with another episode of me just writing because I damn well feel like it.

Things are weird and stressful but at the same time, I’m living for it. Even though i just got this new job, nothing is stopping me from settling for less. I love where Im at but at the same time freaking out because of all the things happening at the same time.

The one thing I know I have to check off my list of things to do is finding an apartment so if anyone knows of super cheap places to live in the LA area, let me know because I will be needing all of the suggestions.

But can we take a second to appreciate the fact that it’s summer and there’s so many things that we can do but for some reason adult-ing has to be a thing and so I’M TOO FUCKING POOR TO DO ANYTHING FUN!

I get it there are things to do on a budget but like if I’m on a budget that means I can’t be spending any money to have fun. Is that just me or does someone out there in the world feels the same way.

Anyways, I just wanted to say Hi. I’ve been back home with family since yesterday so I’m definitely just hanging out trying to make moves.

Like all I want in life is to be in the financial bracket where I can live on my own and not worry about anything but myself and my family. Is that too much to ask! Also, in the financial bracket where I can go to Chipotle and not care about Guac being extra!

That’s it. Thanks for reading ya’ll.


Hey Everyone!

So it’s been another hot minute since I’ve been on here!

It took sometime but I’m back and pretty ready to just talk and rant on here.

But here’s a quick life update on myself:

  1. I FINALLY graduate university! Man oh man, you have no idea how excited, scared, and pretty happy I am that I finally have a degree and officially in loans. But seriously though it’s been a little over a month since I walked across maybe the final stage and still have no idea HOW IN THE WORLD THE SCHOOL LET ME EARN A DEGREE! I still have no idea how to adult just yet.
  2. I officially let myself know my worth and to not let people walk over me. It took me awhile and quite a sad act to just think about but I did it people! I finally know what my worth it and I’m good just being me and trying to hustle and be in the financial bracket that I strive to be in.
  3. I’ve been able to handle 3 jobs over the semester and I just got a new one! I’m really excited for this position and even though it’s not guaranteed over the summer, after two weeks I realized that having multiple jobs including this one isn’t cutting it. So after careful consideration, I’ve decided to leave all my other jobs except for one (that’s gig based) and decided to take the risk and continue with this new job.

I honestly feel like there’s more going on but honestly probably not. I’ve been really tired and all my days have been meshing together but that’s what having a job and it being summer is like right?

But for right now, I think that’s about it. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon.