Hello, It’s Me

It’s the day something is due for school but it’s due at 11:59pm so I still have time.

But let me tell you all about the time when I started catching feelings for someone.

This someone is great, this someone is the person I previously mentioned if anyone has read this page. But if not, it’s completely fine. Things were going great and then the next thing I know, he stops talking.

Now before I continue, you might already be thinking “Karen, he’s busy, he has his life, you two aren’t together, don’t get into your head.” So in lieu of preventing that, this is why I’m writing this to get it out of my head and pretend everything is okay.

But how can a person go from texting you back almost immediately and then taking hours to reply back. So before I could even cling myself to him, I semi-stopped replying back or sending anything aka hope he makes the move and texts me back. It’s just so strange to me. I’m not trying to put this guy on a pedestal but I really thought he liked even when he told me he did. So I just don’t get it.

It’s weird, it’s been about a week since I realized his pattern and I’m already coming to the conclusion, that he doesn’t want to continue this, he might like someone else, or that he is genuinely busy. Which most likely it is and I’m getting too much into my head because I don’t think I had a guy ever like me before.

I’m already at the point where, it would hurt if he doesnt talk to me anymore but I’m already letting it go because we weren’t together.

After 4 hours of telling myself I need to finish up my powerpoint lectures form my online class, I’m ready to do it.




3 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me

  1. that feeling sucks…but you have to deal with it
    Read somewhere that sometimes, guys tests us girls by trying to pull away
    what we do while at it determines whether they’ll pursue us or leave us for good


      1. They’re trying to prove if either they can live without you or not. That’s why how a girl reacts is important, because acting too needy might scare them away. We should act as if it’ll be their loss if they let us go. I don’t know exactly what girls should do, because the video I watched yesterday about it was kinda vague, but that’s the gist of it. They’ll go for you once they affirm that they need you in their life.


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