Home for the break

For the first time in months I finally returned home to Palm Springs. I finally get to see my puppy and just honestly be able to relax for a little bit.

I honestly wasn’t expecting for anything to happen because whenever I go home nothing happens.

Well the one time I decide to go home, all of a sudden every guy wants to hit me up. Now I’m not saying I sleep around or even do it that often. But it’s like something about a week off from school, everyone suddenly becomes free. Luckily because sex isn’t a priority in my life, it’s nice just have them wanting more.

I’m not one to play games but sometimes it’s nice when the tables are turned. I’m not saying that I’m like drop dead gorgeous or anything but it’s nice to have a little attention, even though i don’t need any validation from no  man.

Anyways, aside from that happening, I got an internship for spring semester and I’m so excited to start. This officially mean I’m graduating in May and literally nothing can stop me, aside of me passing my classes. But what can go wrong? I also, officially have 3 jobs as for last friday and I’m ecstatic because it’s something different than what I’m used to and I cannot wait to continue.

Hope everyone is being safe and spending quality time with family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Until next time.



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