Food, Halloween and Christmas

Hello again!

Once again, I’m writing from the state of mind of procrastination. I finally am slowly getting my life by rewriting my cover letter and got it checked and stamped for my class so go me!

Anyways, so a few things happened this weekend that would be great to remember if this website stays forever. I woke my butt up at the crack of down Sunday morning to meet at my sister’s apartment just so we can drive to San Diego to get brunch. I mean priorities, right?

We go to this cute place called Crush. If you’re in the Pacific Beach/San Diego area, go to Crush because it’s one of those places where you have to post on Instagram. Even though it is picture worthy, was the food worth it. Definitely. So they have this thing called Daddycakes and its basically a pancake taco with scrambled eggs mixed with bacon and sausage. BACON AND SAUSAGE!! It was served with maple syrup on the side and it was the best thing that I could have eaten considering it was 11am and we haven’t eaten at that point.

We had to cut our brunch just a tad short only because I had to get back home in time to get to work on time.

Halloween was great, I did nothing because Saturday was my Halloween and let’s just say it was great.

If you didn’t know, It’s November 1st. So it’s basically holiday season. It’s my time to shine. Thanks for reading.



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