Presidential Debates and Clowns

So I’m over here trying to do my homework that’s due at midnight and I haven’t seen the debates because I’m pretty much over it.

But I am loving the commentary that is happening on my both my Twitter and Facebook feed. All I know is that if Pizza was running for president, I would vote for pizza.

Also, speaking of Facebook feeds, I know the whole clown thing has been going on and let me tell you, there is a Facebook page event that says that they are coming to my campus sometime this week and I’m not about that live like I don’t even know why it’s even a thing.

Honestly, I hope this is just for October and once November 1st hits I would rather have the attack of Turkeys rather than clowns.

One of the reasons why I hate Halloween. I’ve hated the holiday since I was little and I still hate it now. Let’s just bring in the Holiday cheer and festivities.

Have a good night. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

*note: I gave in and just started tuning into the debates. My opinion still stands. #PizzaforPresident


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