Resumes and Cover Letters and Jobs, HIRE ME! (Oh my!)


Welcome to another post of me just talking about something because I’m currently trying to figure out what to write with the important things that have to be done.

It’s spring internship application season and let me tell you, it’s the most stressful thing in the entire world. It’s also the will I or won’t I graduate in the spring, that worries me the most.

See, classes are easy to take. As long as I pass them then I know I’ll graduate. The only thing stopping is my internship class. The required class that will literally make or break me. i’m currently trying to finish up my cover letter and get it approved so I can send them to potential employers. But why is it so difficult to write that you’re a perfect fit for a company when it’s difficult to even know where to begin.

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve done so many great things and that I’m super amazing or anything. But why is it such a pain to write. If it only came down to just in-person interviews then I would most definitely nail it. It’s so much easier telling people than writing. To think this is coming from a girl who spent her four years in college studying broadcast journalism.

I’m barely on my second paragraph of this cover letter and let’s just hope I’ll be able to land an internship for spring or even summer. I would definitely be okay with a summer internship too.

This probably doesn’t even make sense. But thanks for reading, Until next time.


Presidential Debates and Clowns

So I’m over here trying to do my homework that’s due at midnight and I haven’t seen the debates because I’m pretty much over it.

But I am loving the commentary that is happening on my both my Twitter and Facebook feed. All I know is that if Pizza was running for president, I would vote for pizza.

Also, speaking of Facebook feeds, I know the whole clown thing has been going on and let me tell you, there is a Facebook page event that says that they are coming to my campus sometime this week and I’m not about that live like I don’t even know why it’s even a thing.

Honestly, I hope this is just for October and once November 1st hits I would rather have the attack of Turkeys rather than clowns.

One of the reasons why I hate Halloween. I’ve hated the holiday since I was little and I still hate it now. Let’s just bring in the Holiday cheer and festivities.

Have a good night. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

*note: I gave in and just started tuning into the debates. My opinion still stands. #PizzaforPresident