Hello, It’s Me

Lol. It’s me. I’m back again.

I’m over here trying to be independent but then the idea gets me really freaked out and it scares the poop out of me.

While I’m over here trying to figure out what to do with my life, I might be heading in the right direction.

Hopefully, my personality will ace itself and the owner of her company will like me tomorrow.

Once again. Being an adult is a no-go on my part. No one WARNED ME OF THIS! HOW DARE YOU!


It’s been a Hot Second

Laughing at my last couple posts at how deep I was trying to get on this blog. I’m over that. Also, I realized it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted on this, even though no one reads this.

Anyways, it’s like Week 5 or 6 or a number into the Fall semester and it’s my final year. Let me tell you, I may seem like this calm, cool, and funny person on the outside but on the inside I’m shitting bricks. You would think that even taking a gap year before going back to school would have me sort prepared but I’m not prepared for this so-called “adult world.”

But here’s a quick recap on what’s happened from the last post.

I definitely had a little “treat myself” type of year.

I expanded my boundaries and entered the Tinder world of “dating.”

I learned that fuckboys will always be fuckboys no matter how much you lie to yourself even though you two were never in a relationship.

I also learned to never bring them back to the picture when they text you with a “hey” and try to claim you as your property even though, once again, we were never together.

My lease ended at the end of July and I lost tons of hair from this already thick head of mine because trying to find a 3 bedroom apartment on a budget of 2,000 dollars in Orange County. I’m currently laughing on how much stress I was under the beginning of summer.

We settled for a 2 bedroom apartment down the street from school literally the week we’re supposed to move out. Bless the manager from my roommate’s apartment for letting him cancel his 30 day notice.

So basically I had my last bit of fun, the first two weeks and a half before school started.

Had my 22nd birthday weekend which was definitely an unforgettable moment.

Now, we’re here at this point where school is going great, officially cut off that guy in my life and just living life. Still internally freaking out about after college and hopefully landing a spring internship.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you’ll see another post or maybe it’ll be months from now. We’ll see. It’s my life motto. Cheers.