What defines me

This might be normal for tons of people but I’m honestly not sure “what defines me.”

When professors ask questions on things about myself, I never have an answer for them. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and I’m still not sure what I like or dislike. I don’t usually have “favorite” anythings and sometimes I think something is completely wrong with me because I don’t wholeheartedly “like” something.

I mean the reason, at one point, I liked the color green was because my old celebrity crush liked the color green. Up to this day, I pretend to say i like the color green whenever someone asks me but I feel myself slowly fading away from saying that because I now know I don’t like that color which I believe is a great stepping stone.

I mean I’m 21, as I’m currently posting this, people might say that I’m still too young to have my whole self “defined.” But I look at other people my age and they have their whole life already set out and they know exactly what they want.

I mean, yes, I do like tons of things but I can’t choose. I’m currently in the process of getting matching tattoos with my sister. Granted I’ve never had a tattoo and just picking something that will permanently be on me forever doesn’t scare me but the fact that I have to choose something I wholeheartedly love and know that it won’t go away is really difficult.

I like to think of myself as a simple person. I don’t like all of the flashy accessories. I like things that are subtle and don’t give too much attention. But that’s basically the whole of what I like and don’t like. When it comes to a favorite object or favorite movie, that’s when you won’t get a defined answer and it’ll most likely be an answer that I just came up with because it was something that I remembered.

Hopefully one day, when I’m living in a London flat, I’m doing what I love (which is yet to be undefined because I want to do all of the things that comes with media) and getting ready to take the next plane out to go to an important entertainment event that they need to cover. Or promoting my own clothing line where it’s tailored for people like me where it’s for the simple, not so skinny girl who just wants to feel good about herself. But I mean hey, we’ll see right?

Hi my name is Karen, and welcome to my world, where it’s indecisive and just winging it at this point by working hard to get to wherever I want to be.  Also, I pretend to be funny too but that’ll come later.